Announcing STORY:GNV, Gainesville's first story development conference!

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Developing A Culture of Story

What is STORY:GNV?

STORY:GNV is Gainesville’s first conference to use storytelling to showcase how we can connect with others more thoughtfully, do business more efficiently and change our communities more wholeheartedly.  STORY:GNV is bringing together a diverse group of individuals from three of Gainesville’s largest industries – HealthcareEducation, and Business – to share the ways that storytelling impacts their work. Gather ’round the proverbial campfire, Gainesville.

Why Gainesville?

Gainesville is a unique city. Gainesville has a community and culture all its own. The people of Gainesville care deeply about building the story of Gainesville, and the goal of STORY:GNV is to be a catalyst in developing that story.

Story is a powerful tool for growth. There are a number of people using story techniques in the community to achieve their goals, but, until now, an infrastructure did not exist to bring them together. STORY:GNV creates that point of connection.

STORY:GNV is a conference presented by Self Narrate, bringing together practitioners of story from three of the industries that Gainesville is most known for: Business, Healthcare, and Education. If you register to attend, you may hear a dynamic talk about how story is being used as a tool to heal the sick, or how story helps achieve business goals, or how students are being engaged to learn through sharing their stories.

Business, Healthcare, and Education make up the three “tracks” of STORY:GNV.
You can stay in the same track for the entire conference, or you can wander from track to track if another session topic interests you.

STORY:GNV brings together the storytellers who are creating the culture of our community.

Together, we will write the story of Gainesville.

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Why Business?

It has been said that storytelling will be the most important business skill of the next 5 years. Being able to tell your story and tell it well helps you reach your organizational goals in a number of different ways. From marketing, to team-building, to client relationships, every corner of the business environment can be improved by incorporating storytelling techniques. At STORY:GNV, you'll learn from some of the best organizational storytellers in the area how they are using storytelling techniques to enhance their organizations.

Why Education?

Storytelling is a tool that can be implemented in the classroom environment in a variety of different ways, but in every educational space, the result is the same: a deeper sense of community and more actively engaged students. Storytelling personalizes a pedagogy and enriches the student's personal and educational growth.
A wide range of disciplines are represented in the Education Track of STORY:GNV. Through the research and tools presented, you will find that you can implement storytelling in any classroom and engage your students in a new way.

Why Healthcare?

There has been increasing interest in the healthcare industry related to story-based initiatives. Hospitals recognize the importance of a patient-centered approach in the provision of services, but can't provide those services without understanding who patients are on a personal level. At STORY:GNV, you'll learn new techniques and approaches from different healthcare practitioners who are actively engaged in finding ways for patients to tell their stories to provide a deeper level of patient care and satisfaction.