It All Started With A Question...

"Tell Us Your Story And We'll Give You A Dollar." This was the beginning of what would become Self Narrate.

Starting Fall 2016, two new Self Narrate team members, Jessica Giles and Maddy McKay, will be taking storytelling to the streets of UF and beyond. Every Thursday, they will be facilitating story sharing in public spaces in new and innovative ways.

Keep an eye on our Event Calendar to stay up-to-date with where they'll be and what they'll be doing each week.

Week 1: Who Are You?

With chalk and a chalkboard in hand, Maddy & Jessica collected UF's answers to the question "Who Are You?"

Week 2: Tell Me Your Story & I'll Give You $1

Week 3: Storytelling Truth or Dare

Week 4: Tell Me Your Story & I'll Give You $1

Week 5: Tell Us Your Story In 1 Word!

Week 6: What Defines You?

Week 7: Storytelling Truth or Dare Part 2

Week 8: Egg Smash Storytelling

Week 9: Sit Down. Make a Friend.

Week 10: Sit Down. Make a Friend. Part 2.

Week 12: What Defines You?

Week 13: Tell me your story and pie me in the face