Story Cycle

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We’re excited to announce our latest innovation in storytelling… the Story Cycle! This is Gainesville’s first, and possibly the world’s first, Storytelling Bicycle! Self Narrate will be biking this out to different events in the future in downtown Gainesville and we’ll be capturing our city’s stories!
The Story Cycle is essentially a room on wheels. Our storytellers will step into the bike and share their story. A camera has been built into the Story Cycle, which will record the story. Our goal is to create a library of Gainesville’s stories!

You may have seen it at is debut at Story Summit 2019. We can’t wait for you to see it at an upcoming event.

And a humongous thank you to Alyson Larson. Alyson conceived of the bike, proposed it to Self Narrate, and went out and made it happen. This truly would not exist without her vision and direction. She built this with Gainesville in mind and actually had a number of different members of the community involved in its production, including the Freewheel Project, Joel Hackman, Jesus Martinez and Lyon Duong! Thank you all for your contributions!

And if you are running an event and want the Story Cycle there, let us know!



The Cade Museum: Starting July 10, the Story Cycle will also be an exhibit at the Cade Museum!
Gainesville150: Sunrise Rotary Club on July 25
Gainesville150: National Dance Day Block Party on July 27



In April 2019 the City of Gainesville launched Gainesville150! to commemorate the 150th anniversary of its incorporation. Gainesville150! provides an opportunity to reflect on our past, celebrate this milestone in history and look toward a boundless future as the “New American City.” During this anniversary year and through the use of Story Cycle, your stories become part of our shared history.

Over the next year, the City of Gainesville will be putting on many events to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of our city, and Self Narrate will be on-hand with the Story Cycle to capture our community’s stories! These stories will be saved in a digital time capsule, for future generations.

Click here to learn more about Gainesville150:

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We captured nearly 40 stories at TEDxUF 2019! Click here to hear them all, as we release them!