The Why of STORY:GNV

STORY:GNV is about three weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited. With our first conference right around the corner, now is a good time to reflect on the why. Why are we organizing Gainesville’s first conference on how to implement storytelling in business, healthcare and education?

It all started with a realization.

With Self Narrate having become a hub for storytelling and storytellers in Gainesville for a few years, Jaron and I have started to learn who in the area is using storytelling in their work and who is collaborating with whom, and more importantly, who isn’t. The reason for the latter is rarely competition or ill-will, but almost always a matter of siloing. When someone is passionate about the work they do, and especially when that work is meaningful and life-changing, they can sometimes get used to doing things a certain way, with a certain group of collaborators and colleagues. While this is fine, think of the good we can do as a community of storytellers who are connected with each other and invested in each others’ research, work and successes. We can learn from each other, but the first hurdle is that initial connection.

Why not learn and connect at the same time?

This line of thinking inspired a thought… “what if we could get everyone that is passionate about storytelling in Gainesville together in one place so that we can all connect and learn from each other?” Seeing as how there isn’t an established space for this, we realized that we could create that space! (Creating spaces for communication is in our mission after all!) At this moment, STORY:GNV was born.

We’re bringing together many exceptionally talented people to speak and participate on panels at STORY:GNV. This is a group of Gainesville’s finest storytellers and practitioners. Learn from them as they share valuable tips on how they do what they do better utilizing story techniques. Connect with the speakers and other attendees! This conference is meant to be a breeding ground for ideas and, well, new stories! Everyone that attends shares your passion, so approach them! Learn their story and find ways to connect.

We can write a new chapter in Gainesville’s story, but only if we do it together.

See you at STORY:GNV!

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