The Year Of Stories

2016 is...

Self Narrate’s goals have always been:

  • To help people discover their story

  • To provide people with spaces to share that story

2016 is the year where we double-down on those goals. We are going to bring authentic stories in a variety of different forms throughout the year. We call this The Year Of Stories. We even created a webpage for it (LINK) and a hashtag: #StoryYear!

We are starting The Year of Stories with…


The Self Narrate team is taking on the challenge of telling 100 stories in 100 days, chronicling it all on YouTube. This first video explains the goal:

You can subscribe to each YouTube Channel by following these links:

Take this challenge with us! Tell your stories and tag them with #StoryYear, and join us as we walk though The Year of Stories.


We've had some people express interest in participating in #StoryYear, so we made a quick FAQ video!