Self Narrate started as a multimedia project. We wanted to document the stories of our community through any medium. We focused on video. We produced nearly 50 videos (which you can find here). This initiative was moving and taught me a lot about the power of the stories that everyone carries. We all have really powerful stories and there is always at least one other person out there that needs to hear your story. Unfortunately, producing videos takes a long time and we reached a point where we had to evaluate how much time we could put into so many different initiatives, so we put video production on hiatus.

Images from stories recorded by Self Narrate

Images from stories recorded by Self Narrate

The goal of documenting stories, however, never left our minds. It is ever-present. Recently, someone suggested that we start recording a podcast instead of videos. It was one of those light bulb moments of clarity when you think “eureka!” So that’s what Jaron and I have started doing. We meet regularly and at the end of each meeting, we ask each other for a story. Our goal is to expand out in the near future and begin to ask others for their stories as well.


What I’ve taken from this experience is an understanding that there are right moments for everything in life. For a period of time, it was the right moment to produce videos. Then it wasn’t. Then it was the right time to create podcasts. Even if you can’t build upon your dreams in the short term, the right moment may come later.


We’ve released two episodes of the Self Narrate podcast so far. To listen to them, click here.

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