Self Narrate's 3 Steps To Self Growth


To understand your life in a deeper, more meaningful way, first you need to understand it as a story. Have you ever thought of your life as a story? Creating your story helps you to understand your motivations, passions and purpose.


Once you have created your story, growth comes from sharing it! Whether with one person or a group, a deeper level of understanding comes from the sharing of stories. 


Use this greater understanding of your self to live the story that you want to share!

Why create your story?

Through creating your self narrative, you develop emotional awareness, self-reflection, and personal growth. You discover how events in your life have impacted you, then you decide how those impacts will continue to affect you. What happened that challenged your path to success or happiness? How did you handle it? What lessons have you learned? Are you still learning? Questions like these help shape your understanding of your past and empower you to engage in your future. The key is that your values can inspire action through emotion. Learning to identify your values will help you bring about positive life changes. Self Narrate co-founder, Jaron Jones, gave a talk at TEDxUF that beautifully demonstrates the importance of identifying and developing your story: