You have a story and it is worth sharing.

Self Narrate will help you discover your story and give you a space to share that story.


write your Story

Writing your story helps you process your experiences, create clarity for future decision-making, and understand your motivations.

Learn how to write your story from the Self Narrate Blog, Book and workshops! 

share your story

No one is alone in their thoughts and feelings. Sharing and listening to stories connects you with others and forms community.

Attend a Self Narrate event, like our monthly meetups, and share your story!


Get involved

Nothing feels better than being a part of the change you want to see.

Get involved with one of our storytelling projects to give other people the opportunity to share their stories!

Write Your Story. Break Your Invisible Chains.


Writing your story can be difficult. Break Your Invisible Chains, co-authored by Brandon Telg, Dr. Jaron Jones, and Carly Barnes, is an active journaling guide created to help you write your story for the first time. Break your invisible chains, and own your own story to become the most powerful and authentic version of yourself.



NEW FOR 2017: Online Course!

Click the link below or the image to the right to enroll in our online course! If you've ever wanted to learn how to write your story for personal growth or empowerment, Jaron and Brandon will teach you how to do just that!

By following this special link, you can get the course for $10, half of its regular price:

STORY:GNV 2017 Registration is open and seats are moving fast. We are so excited for this year's lineup and can't wait for you to be a part of the experience.

Come share your story at an upcoming event.


Self Narrate hosts different storytelling events, including monthly storytelling meetups in downtown Gainesville. Keep an eye on this calendar to learn about these events!


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Storytelling at Active Streets 2016

Storytelling at Active Streets 2016

Hearing a great story can change your life.


By hearing someone else's experience, you get a glimpse into what it is like to live in their shoes. Self Narrate is dedicated to capturing these amazing stories and putting them out there for you to experience.


Self Narrate Podcast

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Self Narrate Column In The Gainesville Sun

Starting in May 2016, Self Narrate and The Gainesville Sun newspaper have partnered to share the many amazing stories of Gainesville residents. Here are the most recent stories:

Glenna Auxier: Being a Southerner shouldn't Require False Pride

lauren walker: Coping with the death of my sister

michelle C. Mcadams: Looking for love, for a friend

Sara pedroni: When one moment changes Your life

Click here to read more stories from the Gainesville Sun Column

Braided Brook Story Journal

Braided Brook is a print and online journal of personal stories, told in 1000 words or less. Click here for more information or click the image below to purchase Volume 1 & 2.



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Bring Self Narrate In To Lead A  Personal Story Development Talk or Workshop In Your Organization


Everyone has a story. It’s our job to help you tell it.


Self Narrate Keynote from STORY:GNV 2016

Self Narrate hosting TEDxUF

Self Narrate hosting TEDxUF

Self Narrate leading an issue-based storytelling workshop for the Wedgworth Leadership Institute

Self Narrate leading an issue-based storytelling workshop for the Wedgworth Leadership Institute

Self Narrate presenting personal story development techniques for YouthBuild

Self Narrate presenting personal story development techniques for YouthBuild