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Storytelling Meetup: Artist Stories (Co-Sponsored by Art Lab)

Let's get together and tell true-life stories! (Meaning, these things actually happened to you!) Our April meetup is co-sponsored by Art Lab. The theme this month is: Artist Stories. 

So, how does this work? Our storytellers are given 5-7 minutes to tell their story. 

The first half of the evening will consist of stories that were submitted to us ahead of time after which time, we will open the floor to anyone to share their story!

If you want to share, please send a message to Self Narrate on Facebook or to with a brief outline of your story (2-3 sentences). The reason for this is that it is best to prepare your story ahead of time, practicing how the story can be told in 5 minutes. (The time goes fast!) 
We need your story submissions by Monday, April 13!

This meetup will be at The Bull on April 16, from 7:30-8:30PM.

For more information about Self Narrate, check out!