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Storytelling Meetup - Theme: Travel & Diary

Let's get together and tell true-life stories! (Meaning, these things actually happened to you!) Our June meetup will have the theme: Travel & Diary!  We all have these moments, so let's get together and share them!

This meetup will be at The Brew Spot on June 19, from 7:00-8:00PM.

Our storytellers are given 5-7 minutes to tell their story. At 6 minutes, we will indicate that you have one minute left, and at 7 minutes, we will need to move things along so that the greatest number of people possible are able to tell their stories. 

The first half of the evening will consist of stories that were submitted to us ahead of time. We will then take a 10-15 minute break, after which time, we will engage in interpersonal storytelling. 

And after the meetup, there is an open mic night that happens at The Brew Spot! If you sing, want to share your story, do standup, read poetry, whatever, feel free to stick around and enjoy the open mic! A bunch of us usually stick around for a while!

If you want to tell your story, please submit a brief outline (2-3 sentences) to Brandon Telg at The reason for this is that it is best to prepare your story ahead of time, practicing how the story can be told in 5 minutes (the time goes fast!).